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Your Yahoo Email Account

We all have them.  That free Yahoo account that seemed as important as that last collectable Beanie Baby.  But, like the stuffed animal, it’s been shoved to the corner, discarded and left unused and unwanted.  Your solution for the Beanie Babies is the donation box, and Yahoo’s solution is the dreaded deactivation of unused accounts.

On July 15, Yahoo is releasing back into the availability pool all addresses that have not been used within the last 12 months. All Yahoo email addresses who show no activity from July 15, 2012 – July 15, 2013 will no longer be active and will be available to new users.

What is defined as “activity”:According to Yahoo, activity is defined as logging into the Yahoo ID. A user simply needs to, “…log on to any Yahoo! product before July 15th.” So, as long as a user h

as logged into the account within the year, they will remain active. From an email tracking standpoint, any activity will do… if we can trace an open, a click, a forward to a friend,etc., they’re active.

Why should you care:

  1. Any Yahoo email account users on your file that have shown no activity in the past 12 months will no longer be viable end users.
  2. You’ll need to remove stale yahoo account holders from your list prior to the July 15 deadline to ensure IDs that have been deemed inactive and reactivated to a new account holder do not cause you spam complaint issues.

Proximity Marketing can help you:

  1. We can send a campaign to all your email addresses asking them to engage in some way.
  2. We can send you the list of the non-engaged Yahoo! users for you to suppress from your list moving forward or we can house the suppression list for you here to be scrubbed against subsequent campaigns.

Contact us @ (330) 220-6100 to help ensure your Yahoo email accounts aren’t thrown to the curb!

Here is the announcement from Yahoo.

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