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Using Video in Email Marketing

You have optimized content and a great email design, but how else can you engage your readers so they see your capabilities? Create a personal, targeted video for your contacts – that personal touch, alone, will increase your click-through-rate and lead to more sales. The answer is: using video in email marketing will increase your response, sales, and leads.

In fact, “visitors who view product videos are 85% more likely to buy than visitors who do not,” according to And, by placing a link to a video in email marketing and directing the user to your website, you can better showcase your company’s capabilities. Video in email marketing  should definitely be a part of your strategy.

When it comes to video, consider these factors:

1.) User engagement. The user is more engaged when he has a visual of the solution or product. While a fun or animated graphic can keep a user engaged, video best showcases your solution or product.

2.) Links to videos are trackable. When you send an email out, you can track which links were clicked on or opened in HTML. You can not only insert more information into a video, you can track all those viewing the video. So, even if the user goes to your site but doesn’t take further action, you’re still able to follow up with him to see why he clicked on the link or if he had any questions.

3.) Video files are large. While the video file may be large, the size of your email shouldn’t be. So, create a video and post it to a separate landing page. Many email clients will post videos on YouTube, but people are often distracted on YouTube. A dedicated landing page hosting that video and offering more information about the product or solution is your best bet.

Sending a thumbnail image with a play button is also helpful, especially using one that’s attractive for users. Your email should include both an image and link to the page, in case the subscriber’s capability of viewing images is turned off or he can’t receive the HTML version.

After considering these factors, there’s endless possibilities of videos you could create to include:

1) Video on an opt-out page. If someone opts out, like on Groupon, he will be directed to a video expressing how sorry the company is to see him go.

2.) In event marketing, capture video highlighting your booth’s location and send it to attendees via email. You should follow up with those who click on the link via an email or phone call. This can increase attendee rates.

3.) Ask happy clients if they wouldn’t mind recording testimonials. Then, send the video link to all your prospects.

4.) Create a video of your team welcoming new clients to the organization. Showcase all of your staff’s capabilities. This opens doors to other areas of business your client may not know of.

5.) Creating a video to sell a product is probably the most popular type of video. You can demonstrate how to use the product and showcase all of its capabilities. This works great for advertisers.

We ran an email campaign promoting an event, using two different videos to test content. The video (and style of content) with the most click throughs was used in ongoing campaigns. The content sent in follow-up emails was altered based on the content with the video that had the highest click through rate.

Remember, emails are intended to engage your readers and start a conversation about attending an event or learning more about your products or services. Adding a video link to email will not only increase clicks but your level of conversion.

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