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Monitoring website traffic levels can help in keeping and attracting more consumers. One factor that can affect your traffic levels is a website redesign. 

50% of consumers believe that having a good web design is essential in product branding. There are benefits to website rebranding, but it can also risk traffic levels. 

Benefits of a website redesign are faster load speeds and updated security.

Do you want to know more about a website redesign and its impact on traffic levels? Here you can learn more about refreshing your website and what to look out for in your redesign. 

Benefits of Redesigning a Website 

In a nutshell, a redesign is changing the features and appearance of your website. Brands do a website redesign at some point to meet user expectations and to maintain high performance. 

Also, it makes sure that your website is up-to-date and keeps up with the competition. Some other benefits of a website redesign are: 

  • Faster load speeds 
  • Updated security 
  • Reflects current website style and functionality 

You should check your website to know whether you need a refresh. Some signs that you need website redesign are: 

  • High bounce rates 
  • Poor user experience 
  • Outdated, or difficult to update platform 

But, remember that these website improvements can have a negative impact on your website traffic if your website redesign is not done well. The reason for this failing has to do with search engine optimization (SEO). 

How Does a Website Redesign Affect Traffic Levels? 

It is common to experience a drop in website traffic levels after redesigning your site. But, a dip in traffic levels might be a sign of SEO errors. 

To ensure that this will not happen, seek SEO consultants. They can help you with Google rankings strategies and reverse the damages. 

Conduct SEO planning before you conduct necessary changes to your site. Avoiding these errors earlier can prevent you from spending extra money. Some SEO errors to avoid are: 

Not Keeping Your High-Ranking Content

You might want to start from scratch and give your site a do-over. But, make sure that the website pages featuring priority keywords are retained.  

Inadvertently removing high-ranking content from your website can cause traffic decreases. Check your website’s analytics to know which pages are the most popular. 

Not Redirecting URLs

If you change the URL for a page or remove pages all together, it is vital that you use 301 redirects. A 301 redirect will automatically take anyone trying to access an old URL to the appropriate new web page. Otherwise, those old pages will result in 404 errors, and you will lose your search rankings and traffic.

Failing to Benchmark Website SEO

As mentioned before, failing to track your website analytics can result in traffic loss. Some areas to look at are: 

  • Pages that have high search rankings for relevant keywords 
  • High-traffic pages 
  • Pages with high-bounce rates 
  • Page load speed 

Knowing these things can help you establish smarter changes when redesigning your website. You can also see what affects your traffic and create effective strategies to solve it. 

Getting Started with a Website Redesign 

To lower the risk of traffic loss, always make sure to have proper SEO integration. Some businesses don’t realize the benefit of SEO to empower their brand. 

Proper guidance and the right people can make a website redesign rewarding. When done right, your brand can attract more customers and stay relevant. 

Are you looking for the best digital marketers? Contact us now and let us help you with your SEO and web development needs! 

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