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Your website is likely a potential buyers first impression of your business and brand. And if that impression is a bad one, prospects will move on to your competition. To have digital impact, you need a website that will stop browsers in their tracks and then guide them on a seamless customer experience.

Effective website design strategies require an integrated approach.

An integrated solution to cleveland website design

What the Proximity Marketing team provides isn’t simply dazzle and flash. Far from it. We offer an integrated solution that links customers with your products or services in ways that make commerce not just possible, but inevitable. And we can link your story across media and channels to provide your target customers with an immersive experience.   

An effective website gives you a platform to showcase the value of your products and services and differentiate them in the marketplace. From product descriptions and images that jump off the page to blogs, tutorials, videos, case studies and more, a great website tells potential customers exactly why they should choose you over the competition. 

Proximity Marketing offers a unique combination of website design and development expertise, message clarity and SEO savvy that will attract customers to your website and keep them coming back for more. We understand your business needs to generate revenue and cash flow. We also understand the increasingly dominant role an online presence plays in making your business visible to current and future customers. That’s why we work with our clients in Cleveland and other cities to design websites that support their financial goals. We know that an effective web design isn’t just about a fancy-looking homepage. It’s about creating a positive user experience, establishing trust and turning lookers into buyers. 

Getting started

Our first step in a website design project is a site audit. This step requires access to Google Analytics, to better understand your traffic activity, and your website, to evaluate how it’s built and identify technical issues.  

We then work together to create a sitemap, where we collaborate on the structure and navigation of your website, as well as any special tools and functionality you would like to incorporate.  

Next is the content creation phase when we assist with website content development if needed. From there we move into design, creating mockups for you to choose from and building out sections of your website according to an agreed-on timeline. We review milestones with you throughout the project to ensure the finished product is exactly what you want.  

With the design and content elements complete, we enter the execution phase and transition into the launch of your new website. Once everything is up and running, we enter the maintenance phase. After the site goes live, we train your staff to post content and any other routine website updates you specify. 

For website design and development that delivers a unique customer experience, contact Proximity Marketing today!

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