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Videos are great tools that help nurture prospects throughout all three stages of the customer journey: Awareness, Consideration and Decision. People simply like to consume visual content and videos do a great job keeping them engaged. Your video strategy should deliver the type of useful content buyers expect to find in each unique stage.  

Videos for the Awareness Stage 

During the Awareness stage, or the very beginning of the customer journey, shoppers are just starting to understand that a problem exists. This is where their online research begins – before they even know who you are. During this early stage, our goal as marketers isn’t lead-generation. Rather, focus on a more introductory message, such as an animated brand video.  

Animated brand videos are short overviews that help you introduce your company, your value proposition and how you differentiate yourself from your competitors. Our goal is to grab the viewer’s initial attention and create enough interest to move him or her to the next stage along the journey – the Consideration stage. These videos should not provide in-depth details about your company or products. Instead, they should provide high-level information about your brand in a way that is engaging and easy to understand.  

Videos for the Consideration Stage

During this stage, potential customers already understand the problem that they’re up against. At this point, browsers are looking for a potential solution, and they want someone to explain it to them. To do this, explainer videos such as product tutorials make great sense.  These types of videos are effective because they take complex ideas, simplify them and make them very easy to understand. Now, it’s time to really demonstrate what your products can do to solve the problem. An effective product video or tutorial can do the trick by demonstrating why your solutions are exactly what they need to make their problem go away.  

Videos for the Decision Stage 

A potential customer is almost fully committed to buying your product or service in the Decision stage. The video you share with prospects at this stage needs to help you close the deal. To do this, product demonstration videos, as well as customer testimonials and case study videos, can be very effective.    

Across every stage of the customer journey, videos can require a lot of planning and strategy, so you might consider using a digital marketing agency for help with ideation.   

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