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Many people don’t realize that most social media platforms, including Facebook and LinkedIn, use algorithms to prioritize and throttle what content a user sees. As few as 2% of your Facebook followers may be seeing your company’s posts. Although there are various strategies to improve the reach of your social content, paid social media campaigns give you the opportunity to reach a larger, targeted audience. 

Paid social media ads allow you to serve specific advertisements to both new and existing customer audiences. Not only can we target qualified groups based on demographics like location, interests and job titles, but we can also advertise to audiences that have already visited your website, engaged with your social content or subscribed to your email newsletter. Social media advertising is a great way to enforce your brand and value, and drive quality traffic to your website.  

We understand that getting started with social media marketing can be overwhelming. Our team is here to help navigate the components of a successful paid social media strategy, like identifying the right audience, crafting an engaging post and developing graphics that help sell your message. 

Proximity Marketing is a Cleveland online marketing firm with social media services that include: 

  • Developing social media messages and creative to promote content, offers, products/services, events and more
  • Tracking engagement and website click-through activity
  • Interpreting analytics and reporting to continually adjust your strategy based on engagement

Looking to enhance your social media presence or learn better ways to engage online? Contact us today or call us at 330-220-6100. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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