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For many businesses and business owners the hiring process may seem relatively straight forward, at first. However, if you struggle to find the right pool of candidates or face constant employee turnover, a more strategic recruitment marketing plan could be a great benefit to you, your business and the rest of your team.

As experienced marketers, the Proximity team understands the importance of finding the right employees, especially when hiring and retention are, oftentimes, endless battles. To find and keep top talent, recruiting should be treated similarly to other marketing funnels. You must promote the right message to the right audience at the right time.


When collaborating with Proximity on recruitment marketing, you can expect the development of a strategic marketing funnel not unlike other aspects of your digital program:


Spreading your employer brand message and your employer value proposition (EVP) via job sites, social media and other relevant platforms.


Show – don’t tell – potential employees about the benefits of working at your company.


Once you have attracted desirable candidates, evaluation is crucial to narrowing the talent pool to only those who have the right skills, experiences and cultural fit.


Now it’s time to convert qualified candidates into long-term hires. Additionally, it’s important to maintain an ongoing brand message to potential recruits so that the process continues organically the next time you are seeking out new employees.

Don’t let one of your most valuable business assets – your workforce – be overlooked. If you are interested in creating or enhancing your recruitment marketing and employee hiring process, Proximity can help. Contact us today or call us at 330-220-6100 for more information.

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