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Search engine optimization is a necessary component of your online marketing plan. Don’t believe us? Here’s why. From simple to complicated trending reports, people flock to search engines to find more information.

Next time you do a Google search, take a look at the number right above the search box. After typing in “manufacturing trends,” about 97,300,000 results populated in .65 seconds. If you’re writing about manufacturing trends, you want people to see that content. You want that article to resonate with your audience and generate interest for your business. Using SEO keywords in articles, blogs and case studies increases your organic search ranking – where you land on search engine result pages (SERPs) without paying.

SEO for manufacturing

There are many reasons why participating in an SEO content plan is important to your manufacturing company.

Here are the top 5 questions and answers we’ve heard about SEO and manufacturing:

Question #1: How Do I Attract the Right Audience?

Your website’s primary goal is to bring in visitors that care about your company. If people aren’t interested in your sector of manufacturing and the services you provide, they won’t help grow your business. Creating and implementing an SEO strategy means you’re putting a focus on gaining traffic that can result in qualified leads.

Think of it this way: you wouldn’t display a booth at a tradeshow that isn’t suitable to your market. Your website will start conversations with the right audience if you contribute relevant content.

Using keywords specific to your products and services throughout your site is an important step to attracting your ideal new customers.

Suggested keywords for manufacturers include:

  • Industry-relevant terms
  • Geographical verbiage, if applicable
  • Information about your potential and current customers
    • How you serve their markets

Question #2: Is SEO Important When We Produce Better Products Than Our Competitors?

Perception is everything in web marketing. SEO helps give you an authoritative voice online to show you are the best.

You can say that you make better products than your competitors until you are blue in the face. Yet, if you rank low in search, that is not what people will perceive about your business. The kind of story your website tells greatly influences buyers. It’s not enough that you make exceptional products, you have to show that you do.

For companies selling nationally or globally, your competitors used to be other local manufacturers with a similar skill set. It didn’t matter what like companies were doing on the other side of the country or across the pond. Now, whether you like it or not, you are competing on a global scale and your online marketing efforts need to reflect this trend.

Question #3: Do I Need to Leverage SEO Best Practices if My Business is Referral-based?

Some manufacturers believe they don’t need SEO because their new customers come mainly from referrals or at tradeshows. Direct contacts and endorsed introductions are great leads, but this new customer stream is largely out of your control. An ongoing SEO strategy is a more predictable, consistent method of generating new customer inquiries.

You may be the #1 manufacturer in your industry and have positive working relationships. That’s fantastic! You then know missing out on new opportunities is ineffective for business growth. If you aren’t participating online, you’re neglecting potential customers.

Whether you are facing this today –or if it’s coming down the road– your key contacts at other companies will retire. With this passing of the torch, new faces will become the decision makers. These leaders will value different assets than their predecessors.

Younger generations tend to put more focus on the internet, websites, etc. because it’s what they grew up using. Your online presence will continue to be important and evolve – if it hasn’t already – into the main resource for your customers.

Boost your visibility online by adding quality content to your website. Producing relevant material is important in search engines’ decision to rank your site. If you have a service area of surrounding states, let people find you by including that information on your homepage and services pages. Many of our clients have told us in the past they didn’t need commonly-known data on their site because their customers already knew. You still want to have general information about your company for new business opportunities.

Question #5: How Do I Manage SEO Correctly?

Successful SEO strategies can be time intensive, involving link building, content optimization, and more on an on-going basis. Working with a third party professional is often the preferred. Web marketing partners will have the experienced staff to achieve SEO success for your business.

We are ready to help you get the results you’ve been waiting to find. Let’s get started!

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