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A pay-per-click (PPC) or paid search campaign can be a quick way to drive potential customers to your website. It has become ubiquitous in most industries, which means two things. First, it works, and second, the company that isn’t using it is missing out on a proven way to enhance its advertising return on investment (ROI). 

Targeting the people who want to buy

Search engine marketing is so effective as a new business generator because companies are reaching potential customers when they are actively looking for a product or solution. Involving ad placements based on select keyword searches in search engine PPC campaigns can offer almost guaranteed results, popping up whenever your ad is triggered by a user searching for something related to your products or services. Unlike typical mass marketing campaigns, where your message is touted to everyone who happens by, with PPC, only interested candidates are funneled to your message.

A measurable impact

PPC Cleveland customers benefit from measurable results and the ability to focus on a target audience. Unlike many other digital marketing approaches, PPC allows you to track leads and revenues directly to each advertising campaign, providing a clear report on effectiveness. Not only does pay-per-click present your ad in search results related to keyword phrases that matter to your product(s), you can specify very specific geographic areas your business wants to target. That way you attract quality visitors that are more likely to convert to a lead or purchase.

Make it part of a holistic ad strategy

To amplify and extend the results possible from paid search advertising, many PPC Cleveland customers typically incorporate it in a holistic digital strategy that includes search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing and email. Proximity Marketing can deliver this kind of comprehensive service to make your company and its products stand out locally, regionally, or internationally. Let’s have a conversation.

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