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Develop Website Strategies to Achieve Your Goals

Reality vs. Wishful Thinking…Let’s discuss a real website development timeline. As a Cleveland web design firm, the first question we hear from our clients after they’ve decided to build or redesign their websites is: When will it be done?

The short answer: It’s not how quickly it can be done, but how well it can be done.

If you don’t have any goals and strategies in place to achieve those goals, your website development timeline won’t get too far along and could take a very long time to complete. This is why it’s important to develop strategies needed to achieve your goals and then build content around those strategies. For example, if you already know how many pages your website has or should have, that is one useful piece of knowledge that may severely impact the timeline of your website build.

Keep in mind, publishing a website is not as simple as making a page of HTML code live. That won’t attract business leads or help you achieve your goals. Consider working with an experienced partner to set goals for your website and online strategies to achieve those goals. Understand it will take some time, but that time is well-invested toward producing a top-notch website that will bring sales and leads your way.

How much time can website development take?

Typically, plan for a website design and development to take between two to four months. Although that may sound like an eternity, keep in mind, once all the information is obtained, a website can be turned around rather quickly. You need to be involved by providing content and ideas of how you want the website to look. Without content, there won’t be anything to fill the pages of your site so it’s important to stay on top of any new content creation or proofing of existing content. Unfortunately, most people don’t have good images prior to beginning a website redesign. Take the time early on to think about the images you’d like to showcase on your website and it will help prevent delays towards the end of your design project. Without good content and images, everything tends to stall in the process.

Of course, many people say their websites can never or will never produce business leads. Often, their websites are like static brochures on the Internet causing them to miss many opportunities, while their forward-thinking competitors have websites built around specific strategies and goals. Their competitors are also most likely generating leads and bringing in online business opportunities.

Cleveland web design team explains how to prepare for your website redesign

To, get ahead of your competition and start planning today, start pulling together content and images you’d like to showcase in your website redesign. Once you identify an experienced partner to work with, make your website a priority and don’t put it on the back burner. Here are a few pieces of information that will help you best prepare your web development partner:

  • Access to Google Analytics
  • Define a single person at your company to be the point of contact with your developer
  • Find 3-5 examples of websites you like stylistically
  • Provide sales brochures, sell sheets and terminology your industry uses
  • Have a folder containing brand assets and images your company owns
  • Think about possible content pieces that you could give to visitors in exchange for their email addresses (example: an industry guide)
  • Estimate how many total leads you hope to gain each month
  • Know what company hosts your website and provide login credentials
  • List out all domain that your company owns
  • Be prepared to meet the team and have 1-2 discovery meetings before any work begins
NOTE: Instead of paying for a website and forgetting about it, many companies are learning that partnering with an online marketing company for iterative updates best aligns with company pivots / shifting sales strategies and will grow revenue faster.

Keep focused on your goals and it will get done, but it’s important to remember that your website is a business asset that should be consistently evolving and updated. Whether or not you partner with an outside marketing firm, your involvement is crucial to creating and launching a successful site that generates valuable leads. If you are interested in a website launch or redesign, contact Proximity today to get started!

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