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Think of it as making your first impression.  Think 3.3.2… it’s what you check before you send!

If your email has misspelled words and is formatted incorrectly, it doesn’t bode well for you, your company or the product or service you offer.

So, having a good quality assurance process in place is key to ensure your first impression is your best one.

Before hitting the “send” button, ensure you have scanned your email for specific items. The following checklist will help.

3 Items to Check Before Sending Email

  1. Legalities. Every email must have an opt-out link and physical address. Not a lot of people know this.  Click here to learn more about keeping it legal.
  2. Correct spelling and grammar. No one likes to read content with misspelled words or grammatically incorrect sentences. If you have misspellings and incorrect grammar, your prospective customers won’t consider you a credible source for business.
  3. Email must look good. Does the HTML code render in the email client? Every email client is different (MS Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo!, etc.) You must check the HTML to make sure there are no formatting problems when it gets delivered to the reader.

3 Steps to Ensuring a Successful Quality Assurance Process for Email

  1. Create a checklist. Your checklist should include checking email for opt-out links, a physical address, a tracking feature and correct spelling. Then, check and double-check your list before sending email.

    In order to keep up with the ever-so-changing email requirements, we developed a system checklist for each person on our production team that touches an email. The design, data management and the account management teams each have a checklist. With so many working parts of an email, it eases up the workload and gives accountability to each person in his respective department to maintain excellent quality assurance.
  2. Have someone else review the email. A fresh pair of eyes can spot items you may have missed.
  3. Find a good email rendering program. We use to test various renderings on different email clients. This company puts your HTML inside its rendering system. Once you put your code in the system, you are able to see what the email looks like in various email clients and even on an iPad.

Reasons Quality Assurance of Email is So Important

  1. You want to maintain a professional image with your readers. If you are pitching a product or service to a potential customer, you want them to know you provide the best service or product. With a professional email, you are on your way there.
  2. You want to maintain credibility. The quality of your email should reflect the quality of your goods or service. Each contact you have with a potential customer is a touch point, whether it’s a phone call or email. Each touch point represents your company, product or service.

In closing, if you follow these tips and steps, you are on your way to making a great impression with the next email you send.

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