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Email marketing is a fast and effective way to target current and prospective customers with a personalized message to achieve measurable results. Your team at Proximity Marketing can handle all parts of the email marketing process on your behalf, and incorporate email marketing into your overall growth strategy. 

You can use email any number of ways ranging from regular email newsletters to stay in front of existing prospects and customers, to developing automated marketing strategies that engage with website visitors based on their activity.  


Email marketing is an especially powerful strategy and exceptional tool for:

  • Monthly newsletters
  • Re-engaging prospects that have gone cold 
  • Pre and post trade show marketing
  • Requesting product reviews and experience feedback 

Our Cleveland email marketing team can work within your existing email distribution platform, or distribute email with our proprietary solution.

Proximity Marketing email marketing services include:

  • Database management
  • Campaign strategies
  • Email design
  • Engaging content development 
  • Content and design testing 
  • Reporting and analyzing trends 

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