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Throwing something up on a wall in the hopes it will stick works well if you’re creating a TikTok video using salami slices (so we’ve heard). Yet all too often, that’s how companies approach their digital marketing. They try a scatter-shot, sporadic approach to emails, social posts, even advertising, in the hopes it will bring business through the door.

The results of random, unorganized marketing are usually disappointing. This can cause a great deal of frustration or even the complete abandonment of digital marketing. Yet today’s rapidly changing business environment is driving more and more traffic to company web sites and google searches are surging. The company without a decent digital presence will find itself left behind.

The good news is that help is just a phone call away. Proximity Marketing has the expertise and experience helping clients craft a digital marketing strategy that reaches your target audience and produces leads and other measurable results. It doesn’t matter if your audience is local to Ohio, national or international in scope. The key is the strategy, method and purpose behind digital implementation.

Here are four things to consider before embarking on digital marketing efforts:

  1. The planning stage – Drawing up a digital marketing plan can seem a daunting task. That blank page with the blinking cursor doesn’t offer much inspiration. However at Proximity Marketing we’ll go over your goals and objectives, examine your current digital presence and devise a plan for you that will take into account current market conditions, your primary audience and your assets.
  2. A website geared toward the audience you want to attract. Your website could be a prospect’s first impression of your business. Does it clearly communicate your value, and what uniquely differentiates you from competitors? A website has a large responsibility – because it needs to contain information that’s not only useful to visitors, but search engines as well. Visitors will expect to find answers to their questions, while Google will crawl your website looking for content filled with the keywords that people might use in a search.
  3. Content creation—All of your blog posts or news articles should be relevant to your business but also align with the keywords your audience is using in search engines, so prospects not only find your articles but also read them. Did you know that content marketing generates three times more leads than paid search advertising?
  4. Consistent, targeted outbound messages. In a digital marketing plan, we use email and social marketing to stay relevant with existing customers and target groups of prospects. Too often email and social platforms are used for heavy product or service sales messages and are sporadically scheduled based on internal personnel workload. Winning email and social strategies strike a balance between sharing valuable advice, instruction or industry insights and promoting products.

Let us help you create and utilize a digital marketing plan that will transform your communications efforts and spark company growth. Call us today at 1-800-779-2445 to set up your initial business consultation.

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Beth is our VP of Digital Marketing Strategy who, besides drinking a ridiculous amount of coffee, helps clients generate more business. Whether they’ve partnered with Proximity Marketing for a decade or just joined the family, Beth helps clients achieve success and achieve measurable results.

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