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In the first article of the buyer’s journey series we focused on the marketing strategies used during the first of three stages – the Awareness stage. During the Awareness stage of the customer journey, shoppers are just starting to understand that a problem exists. This is where their research begins – before they even know who you are.  

Potential customers in the Consideration stage are assessing your credibility. Content presented at this stage must not only build trust between your brand and the prospect, it must also demonstrate that you understand the problems your customers are facing and how your products offer the best solution. Here’s a look at some of the marketing tactics we can use to achieve that goal and keep the customer’s journey moving forward.


If customers have a complex problem, a webinar can be a very effective way to provide the information they need in a format that’s easily digestible.  People simply enjoy short, informative videos because they are more engaging than static content. They’re also convenient and, since they can be recorded and made available for replay online, the customer can watch it at his or her convenience. When we produce webinars, we need to ensure that our content isn’t a sales pitch in disguise. The call-to-action will occur in our final stage, which we’ll cover in the next article in this series.  

Customer Testimonials 

Most people will look for online reviews before making a purchase, so the more we can collect, the better. Testimonials and reviews are typically brief, bite-size trust factors about your company or product. They act as third-part endorsements for your product – supporting its value and benefits. We suggest collecting video testimonials in addition to written ones. 

Case Studies

A story that shares a customer problem and solution can be very relatable content for prospective buyers. Case studies can bolster your company or product’s credibility, not only explaining how your company helped solve a customer’s problem, but how your product is better than alternative solutions.  

The most effective case studies will mention your customers by name and provide a quote that applauds your company for a job well done. However, when this isn’t possible, a generic case study will still do the trick.

Additional Tactics

Along with the items we just covered, here’s a quick list of additional tactics that can help us keep potential customers moving forward.  

  • Email campaigns can keep the customer informed over time. This is important because the customer might stay in the Consideration stage for a while. Therefore, we need to keep your company top-of-mind.    
  • Free trials can influence a buying decision quickly by letting the customer “try before they buy.”  
  • Downloadable resources, such as infographics or other materials, are a great way to demonstrate your ability to solve the customer’s problem. 

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