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Having shared marketing strategies used in earlier stages of the buyer’s journey, Awareness and Consideration, it’s now time to review marketing tactics designed to win the sale in the Decision stage. While a lot of research has been done already, a customer may still need some additional information in order to select you over your competitors. That’s because, in this stage, they’re more interested in learning about how you’ve helped others with similar needs.  Here’s a look at some of the tactics we can use during the Decision stage to close the deal.

Potential customers want to learn how you’ve helped others with similar needs.

Whitepapers & Case Studies 

Whitepapers are concise reports that help shoppers quickly understand an issue, solve a problem or make a decision.  It’s often a misconception that whitepapers have to be long, text-heavy documents.  In actuality, they should have a good balance of images that convey your value, or even include infographics as a way of sharing your competitive advantage.  

Case studies can play a similar role to whitepapers in differentiating your product or service from other options. The key to a case study is to focus on how you’ve helped others achieve the results they were looking for.  Equally important, the content should demonstrate how you can deliver positive results for others who are facing similar issues.


Unlike the first two stages of customer journey, blog posts in the Decision stage should focus entirely on your company and mention your products and brand by name.  Whether they’re written or presented as videos, blogs give you the ability to thoroughly introduce your company and value proposition to potential customers.

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