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The Growing Role of Digital Marketing  in a Socially Distanced World

None of us have ever faced a business climate quite like the one we currently occupy. And decisions, both big and little, will have a huge impact on the future. The local, state and national economy depends on the success of your business, as do your employees for their livelihood. And we are in this struggle together.

As in-person events and customer visits grind to a halt, both sales teams and buyers will rely heavily on online resources. As a digital marketing agency, we know the importance of having an effective website and strong search presence to support sales.

Online communication has taken center stage for many businesses. Here are a few ways we’re supporting our customers during this trying time:

  • Ensuring their websites are running at 100% – including current content, user friendly navigation, load speed and mobile usability
  • Maintaining strong visibility in search engines
  • Making sure timely updates are shared via email and social media marketing
  • Evaluating marketing campaigns or content to be sensitive to the current national mood

We are here to help in any way we can, as we adjust to a new normal. From our appropriately social-distanced team to yours – we wish you continued success and health through this unprecedented challenge.

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