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No matter what type of business you run, you have a unique story. And people like a good story. Customers want to connect with you and your business in some way. One way an initial connection can begin is with a story that resonates with your reader.

Building a compelling message about your business doesn’t require a long company history. Current and potential customers want to know what makes you better than your competition. To identify what will make your story stand-out, start developing a list of your business’s unique differentiators.

Here are some tips for better storytelling:

Know Your Audience

While every company has a story to tell, how it’s told can vary depending on the audience you are targeting. You must know who is reading your message. A purchasing agent, CEO and lead engineer are going to have different priorities and agendas. The value that is conveyed in your company’s story needs to align with the main concern of your primary audience. Identify what your audience cares about and relate that back to your company’s (or product’s) value.

Additionally, you should know where your audience prefers to digest content. Because where your message appears matters just as much as what it contains. A purchasing agent might search industry specific directories, while a CEO prefers content from LinkedIn.

To better understand your audience, here are a few initial questions to ask yourself:

  • Who is my primary audience? (job function)
  • What do they care about most?
  • How could my product/service make their job easier?
  • What kind of proof would make the most impact?

Show the People Behind the Brand

iconsWith the boom of social media, it’s even more apparent that customers like to see the people behind certain companies. Social media networks lend a human element to businesses. Followers can get a glimpse inside your operation with photos and video, while still supporting your business’s social media marketing goals.

To properly leverage social media engagement, you must first know where your audience is interacting. And while posts commonly have a more relaxed tone on some social media platforms – this isn’t true for all. Your social media content should be appropriate for the network.

Personal touches on social media could include:

  • Employee of the Month feature
  • Customer of the Month feature
  • Respond to every post written to you
  • Photo galleries of user-generated images
  • Video tours of new products, services
  • Ask questions to your audience; get to know them
  • Participate in “Holidays”

Have Transparency

A common challenge in digital marketing is establishing credibility through online channels. Potential customers will form opinions about your company based on your online content and image.

Building trust with customers can begin with your story. Being transparent about your history and successes is one way to prove your company’s value. Oftentimes companies prove their success through testimonials, customer logos and case studies.

Display Evolution

Are you a third-generation run business? Have you overcome some hard times in business, whether it be a recession, market changes, etc.? Did you completely transform an obsolete operation into a thriving company for today’s business climate?

These transformations are compelling stories. You have survived and thrived through the good times and the bad. Some companies shy away from evolution stories because they are afraid to admit to a time when they were less than perfect. But sharing stories about business adaptation is motivational and persuading to potential customers. Being an innovator, embracing change and putting the customer first are ideal qualities in a company.

Do you need help writing your company’s story? Our content team is skilled at developing value-driven messages for B-to-B companies. Contact us today.

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