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An experienced website design agency can provide a comprehensive experience that goes beyond aesthetics. Our Cleveland website development team offers the expertise and resources needed to create a high-quality website that aligns with your goals, maximizes user engagement, and helps your business stand out in the competitive online landscape. 

Our skilled professionals have expertise in various aspects of web design, including graphic design, user experience (UX) design, coding, and content creation – leveraging the latest design trends, coding standards, and best practices, ensuring that your website is built to industry standards.  

Because what good is a beautiful website investment if it takes forever to load, is difficult to navigate and doesn’t render well on mobile devices?  

Our Website Development Services & Solutions 

Existing Website Redesign. A website redesign changes and updates your current website elements like content, format, navigation, structure, and visuals, all with an eye toward boosting the user experience.  A successful, intuitively focused redesign can boost web traffic and keep users around long enough to turn browsers into buyers. Your strategy should be to enhance what works and replace what doesn’t with proven traffic data.

Responsive Website Design. With the increasing reliance on mobile devices for browsing, both personally and professionally, responsive design is crucial. Experienced agencies ensure that your website is optimized for various screen sizes and devices, providing a seamless user experience regardless of the platform. 

E-commerce Website Development. Whether it’s B2B or B2C, you need a website attuned to selling in your industry. No matter if it’s commodity widgets or high-dollar electronic equipment, your e-commerce website should reflect your brand and deliver a great shopping experience. From product recommendations and reviews to a transparent checkout process – we understand what it takes to create the best e-commerce website.  

Custom Development. For companies looking for custom website functionality – we can help you with your web development initiatives. From integrating third party tools to building custom calculators or internal portals, we can build online solutions that help your business run more efficiently.  

Phases of a Website Development Project

Phase 1: Environment   

In this first phase, our team is gaining access to the digital accounts related to your website – like the backend of your website, hosting, domain. After auditing your website’s current platform and hosting environment, we may make recommendations for changes or upgrades. And then we set up a development environment that will allow our team to work on your website design project in a safe testing space. 

Phase 2: Research and Planning    

A kick-off meeting will determine your goals regarding the website update or migration to a new environment. We’ll help you identify all existing pages and determine what content will stay, go, or require modification. We’ll start the initial process of identifying necessary image/content/video assets and begin their collection. We will also help you determine the right navigation elements. This phase will also explore custom development or integration elements, such as ERP, ESP, analytics, and CRM.   

Phase 3: Design and Development   

During Phase 3 the creative juices flow as we create initial homepage and subpage designs and present them to you during a primary review session. When creative has been finalized, we proceed with building out page templates and then begin inserting content – that’s either been provided by you or ported over from your existing Cleveland website.  

Phase 4: Testing and Quality Assurance Procedures   

Proximity Marketing follows comprehensive testing and quality assurance procedures that include a 75-point pre-live checklist, the testing and verification of forms, and a review of all custom integration elements. We will also complete the final preparations for the go-live process.   

Phase 5: Go-Live   

The go-live phase focuses on the operational aspects of launching your new website. That includes updating all DNS settings to point to the new live site and enabling site indexing. It involves subdomain reversal, which makes the former website an archive site to serve as a 90-day reference, as well as the submission of sitemaps to Google and other search engines.  Likewise, during this phase, we will also verify that the robots.txt file is submitted to Google and functioning properly.   

Phase 6: Post-Live   

Once the Cleveland website is operating live, activities include working through a post-live checklist and the installation of an SSL certificate. Activities during this ongoing phase include verifying that tracking analytics are feeding into the account properly, verifying that form confirmation emails are delivered properly, and ensuring the archive site is hidden from Google indexing.   

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