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Leveraging website traffic from search engines should be among the top digital marketing priorities for businesses in a wide range of industries.

Potential buyers conduct billions of searches each day. It’s no wonder that studies show that natural (also called organic) visits account for more than half of website traffic. Our Cleveland Ohio SEO services help in many ways. But there is an overriding mission: connect our clients with prospective leads and sales.

Google claims to look at more than 200 ranking variables that it often calls “signals” when it decides which website pages to show first based on any query.

Important factors include:

  • Relevance
  • Overall authority (largely based on links from other websites)
  • Domain name
  • Website page content headers (like the headlines)
  • Page titles (extra summaries detailed in the source code)
  • Website architecture (including how content is organized on desktop browsers and mobile devices)

Search engines like Google don’t reveal all of their algorithms, but it’s clear that they care about quality content and user experience because they want to deliver the best results to searchers.

If your website isn’t technically sound (i.e. broken links and website pages load slowly), you may be at a disadvantage among competitors. Don’t just look at your tried and true list of competing companies. Search engine queries trigger thousands and often millions of results. Landing among the top results takes patience and skill.

Keys to SEO Success

With Proximity Marketing, you’ll be in good hands as our Cleveland Ohio SEO team has a custom strategy for your business. With 20+ years in digital marketing, we know what works and what doesn’t, including what changes to make to existing website pages while shaping a content marketing strategy that works hand in hand with SEO.

We build a foundation based on a sound set of keyword phrases that have the best opportunity to rank. Clients get the best results when they’re open to some website design and source code changes along with content updates.


All search engines rely on backlinks from websites, online directories, media sources, blogs and more to help determine whether a website is credible. Think of these links as votes, but their power varies. In other words, a link from a local eatery won’t be as valuable as one from a major industry association or online trade publication.

We look for suitable links for our clients and help them pursue others based on their connections. Some websites that mentioned a business in the past may be willing to add a link – if you just ask.

Links are part of a Local SEO strategy that’s often apparent with the results you see at the top of Google. Listings coupled with maps are known as Local Packs. How well you rank depends on whether you have consistent details (called citations) on Internet directories (i.e. the same business name and address), business descriptions, reviews and more.

Our Cleveland Ohio SEO Services

We support our clients with a full set of SEO services, including:

  • Target market analysis
  • Mobile assessment (where mobile view welcomes or deters search engines)
  • Indexing evaluation (identify website structure issues that keep search engines from discovering important pages)
  • Page load speed analysis
  • Keyword research and selection
  • Visible text updates
  • Source code adjustments
  • New content
  • Internal linking strategies
  • XML sitemaps
  • Image optimization (i.e. image file names and alt text)
  • Meta description updates
  • Competitor analysis’
  • Link building and analysis of referring website traffic
  • Local listing management
  • Google My Business updates
  • Website behavior analysis (i.e. visitor trends and top landing pages, including visitors from search engines)
  • Ranking reports
  • Lead and sales tracking

Proximity Marketing is ready to craft an SEO strategy for your Cleveland, Ohio company.


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