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To reach customers where they live, you need a rare breed of marketing firm. Someone who knows the local terrain intimately but also has the digital savvy that makes them valuable to multi-regional and global players as well. In Northeast Ohio, that typically means a Cleveland marketing firm like Proximity Marketing. 

Proximity Marketing can deliver growth and a digital transformation Proximity Marketing can deliver growth and a digital transformation 

Looking for a new digital marketing strategy aligned with your revenue growth aspirations or seeking new ways to build traffic via the latest search engine optimization (SEO) techniques? A Cleveland marketing firm like Proximity Marketing can help. We can grow your brand by crafting content sure to attract and retain your target audiences or we can transform your current website into a platform designed to convert visitors into leads.   

Helping companies in Cleveland, Akron, and Medina to reach their full growth potential is what Proximity Marketing does best. With over 20 years of experience, Proximity knows how to help our clients reach the customer segments they want to sell to, using a variety of channels, whether that’s through search engines, online advertising, social media or email. We know companies in northeast Ohio feel more comfortable working with a local firm because that enables an easier client/agency relationship. 

You know your customers, we know how to reach them 

Nobody knows your business better than you do, but you can’t expect to have the same comprehensive understanding when it comes to keeping up with search engine optimization trends, website designs, customer experience innovations, and seamless digital integration. Your company is filled with innovators, engineers, and problem solvers – focused on delivering your value proposition to your customers. What you need is a Cleveland marketing firm that can make that message sing. That’s us. Proximity Marketing has the digital savvy to make it happen for you. Contact us to help you reimagine your digital presence.   

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Beth is our VP of Digital Marketing Strategy who, besides drinking a ridiculous amount of coffee, helps clients generate more business. Whether they’ve partnered with Proximity Marketing for a decade or just joined the family, Beth helps clients achieve success and achieve measurable results.

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