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Websites are invaluable digital marketing tools that make it easy for companies to connect with prospects. And yet, no matter how great the design is or how well you write the words, you can’t guarantee that a website visitor will jump into your stream of new leads and sales. 
In recent years, studies have consistently shown that most visitors – possibly over 90% –  aren’t ready to buy a product or service when they explore websites. Many are simply researching a topic or solution for their problem  — whether that’s a manufacturing process like heat treating or the right software to manage HR challenges. 
You definitely need primary ways like a call to action to collect leads and sales. Do you feature a prominent number and a contact page? Is your check-out process simple or cumbersome? Are your response forms visible or buried? Do you use email marketing for lead nurturing? 
How are you catering to the vast majority of visitors who aren’t in a buying mode? Here are some tips to follow as you expand your website or make adjustments to your existing design:

Provide a Demo 

It’s one of the most effective ways to generate a lead even if it doesn’t involve a sale anytime soon. Some websites promote the demo option on key pages. Others make a demo call to action a central part of their websites. 

Offer a Free Trial 

You can set the duration like seven days, 14 days or an entire month. By granting access to your technology, for example, you can create a sense of urgency and allow a potential customer to experience some of your key features.

Develop Quality Resources 

Create how-to guides, white papers, eBooks and other gated resources that someone can download. Don’t ask for too much information with your form; anything beyond a name, work e-mail address and phone number may discourage the visitor from filling out each field. 

Create a Video 

Some visitors check out a page and move on. You want them to stick around to get familiar with your website and your brand. Produce a video that explains a complex process or showcases a product in action. You can even use video for testimonials and case studies.

Leverage Chat 

Not everyone wants to make a phone call, but they will try the chat when it’s available. Popular real-time solutions come with many options, including the ability to delay the chat pop up until a visitor has remained on a page for a designated length of time. Some companies restrict chat to product and pricing pages.

Highlight a Newsletter Sign-Up Option 

Don’t just tuck the sign up in the footer. Mention this CTA in your core content, articles, blog posts, etc.

Get the Basics Right 

Downloads and interactive elements are helpful, but there are other ways to engage visitors even before they decide to select a call to action. Be sure to use:

Eye-catching visuals 
Text that captivates (clear messages that resonate with your target audience)
Scannable content (short paragraphs, bullets, subheads, etc.) 
Trust logos (like associations, customers, accreditations) 
Pricing (when suitable) 

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