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Email Newsletter:

  1. Write stellar content: If readers don’t see the value in your content, they will stop wanting to receive it.
  2. Make “Email a Friend” button easily shareable: The simpler the process of sharing is, the more likely people will forward it.
  3. Be consistent: If users are expecting your content and you don’t deliver, you will lose followers.
  4. Have segmented lists: Not all your emails will apply to everyone; send them relevant content for their interests.
  5. Refresh old email lists: Create an opt-in campaign for older lists to reconnect with followers that you haven’t contacted in a while.
  6.  Get employees’ email contacts for opt-in campaigns.
  7. Have social share buttons in newsletters: Let readers quickly share your content on their social accounts to increase visibility.
  8. A/B test different subject lines: See what subject lines are drawing in more clicks and adjust future newsletters as needed.


  9. Let users select which newsletters they want: On your registration form, let users select which newsletters they are interested in. They are more likely to open up the newsletters that have relevant content for them.
  10. Create a call-to-action on “Contact Us” page.
  11. Put call-to-action on blog content: Not everyone enters your website through your homepage. Put call-to-actions on inside pages as well for higher newsletter visibility.
  12. Post a sample of newsletter content on website: Have users register for your newsletter in order to “read more” of your content.
  13. Add a “Reasons to Sign-Up” page on website.
  14. Post a survey online and promote that the results are sent only to newsletter subscribers.
  15. Offer a discount on next purchase if a user registers.
  16. Offer a free white paper with registration.
  17. Offer an eBook with sign-up.
  18. Keep the registration information short and simple: Name. Email. Job. Company. What newsletter(s) they want.
  19. Use a sign-up page, not link, for registration: When possible, don’t make users click a link to go to a sign-up page. Have the form right on the page they are looking at. The more work they have to do, the less likely they are to do it.
  20. Optimize content on your website: The more users you attract on your website, the more chances they have to sign up for your newsletter.
  21. Test different call-to-actions and gauge response: “Sign-up for Our Newsletter Today!” “Want more industry news? Check out our weekly newsletter.” “Register today for our new white paper.”
  22. Visibility of your sign-up form is important: If people can’t see it, they can’t sign-up.
  23. Make registration mandatory to post comments on your website: When users are posting to your website, they are interested in your content. Don’t miss an opportunity to grow your list by not getting their email addresses.
  24. Have privacy policies: People don’t want their information leaked, so let them know your privacy policies.
  25. And then follow through: Don’t rent your list to third parties.
  26. Don’t send spam: Only send relevant content or people will lose interest.
  27. Subscriber testimonials: Have users tell others why they should sign up.

    Social Media:

  28. Highlight special offers on social media: Promote discounts, offers, etc. for newsletter subscribers on your social accounts.
  29. Have a sign-up button on Facebook business page for your newsletter.
  30. Ask your social media followers to sign-up.
  31. Host a Twitter Q&A: Show fans you are the expert they should get information from.
  32. Add call-to-actions in videos: Including videos on Facebook, YouTube and anywhere else you post video content.
  33. Add call-to-actions to posts: Don’t overload your social media presence with call-to-actions, but sprinkle them in from time to time.
  34. Occasionally post older newsletter content: Show people what they are missing by connecting them with previous newsletters.


  35. Add to employee email signatures: Your employees email their business contacts every day. Including a subscription link in employee email signatures increases exposure.
  36. Participate in online events: Find co-registration opportunities where you get the leads.
  37. Sponsor a webinar: Get emails from attendee sign-up.
  38. Offer a recorded copy of the webinar: Have users register to receive it.
  39. Host a virtual conference: Grow email list from registration forms.
  40. Have a landing page just for an email newsletter sign-up.
  41. Have a landing page for a new product, with an email sign-up in a sidebar.
  42. Promote your brand when guest blogging: Make sure you are including your website in your author bio.
  43. Add sign-up on checkout page of your e-commerce site.
  44. Keep online review sites up-to-date and with website information: Including Yelp and other like sites.
  45. Mention email newsletter on online assets: This includes podcasts, online videos, etc.
  46. Add registration form on surveys.
  47. Add sign-up button to homepage: Creating an easily-seen button gives you an opportunity to gets users coming into your website to sign up for your newsletter.
  48. Make registration forms mobile-friendly: Don’t miss out on gaining mobile users!


  49. Host an in-person contest with registration information: A giveaway is a great example of this.
  50. Have a sign inside your business promoting your newsletter.
  51. Rent a booth at community events: Get face time with current and potential customers in your community. Have a sign-up sheet for your newsletter in your booth.
  52. Get the most out of your tradeshow booth: Scan attendee information and add them to your email list.
  53. Host events: Have an auction, banquet, business meeting, etc. and get registrant information.
  54. Plug your email list at speaking engagement: When you are a presenter at an event, make sure to mention where people can get more information: your company newsletter.
  55. Mention email newsletter in company voicemail.
  56. Reach out to traditional mailing list: See if they want to be included in email as well.
  57. Add QR codes to marketing materials: Include QR codes to printed marketing collateral, including business cards. Link the QR code to your email newsletter registration.
  58. During in-person meetings, ask clients to sign-up.
  59. Do the same with vendors and suppliers.
  60. Get employees involved: Offer employee incentives for collecting emails.
  61. Fishbowls in your business for business cards: Give incentives for fishbowl drawings, but let them know about future email newsletters.
  62. Have a sign-up list in your business: People come in and out of your office every day. Give them a chance to sign-up for your email newsletter by having a sign up when they come in.
  63. Participate in community events: Get your name out in the community. Participate in functions like Small Business Saturday, local sport competitions or festivals.
  64. Have a sign in your business window: Let people walking by know how they can sign up.
  65. Add text-to-join options: People are always on their phones. They may respond best to text notifications.

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